Laser Trap


Laser Trap Game For Kids

This new game combines high-tech laser shooting with high-stakes fun. It can be played by yourself or with a friend. It is the first of its kind in New Zealand. It is only $2.00 per play. This game is suitable for children aged three and up.

Players must shoot as many opponents as they can to earn points and win the game. Each player has a limited number of lives, so it is important to stick with a team and protect your teammates in case of a shot. The game can last a few minutes or up to 15 minutes. Players wear vests with sensors and shoot at each other by aiming at their opponents’ sensors. If they are hit by a bullet, they cannot shoot another player again for a few seconds.

Laser traps are obstacles that appear on the screen. They can be avoided by using a shield or other obstacles. However, they get more dangerous as they move closer to the player. As they move closer to the edges of the screen, the players must move carefully to avoid them. Some traps are made with multiple lasers, which would destroy any safe areas on the screen for the player to stand.

Author: Donald Young