Kingdom Defense


Kingdom Defense Online Game For Children

When you play Kingdom Defense, you’ll be fighting against a variety of enemies who want to invade your kingdom. The goal is to defend your kingdom and kill as many of these enemies as possible. As you play, you can earn stars to level up your towers and improve your skills. The game also features a hero system where you can summon one or more heroes to help you fight off enemies. Some of the available characters include Galahad the Indomitable Warrior, Ashi the Hawkeye, Wukong, Shaman, Golem, and others.

The game features five different castles, fifteen different kinds of monsters, and over 50 levels. You can also earn coins when you defeat your enemies, which you can use to upgrade your units and recruit more warriors. You’ll also earn gems when you successfully defend a map.

The objective of the game is to defend your kingdom from the enemy and stop him from enslaving your people. This is done by strategically placing your towers and creating special defenses. You must constantly defend your kingdom from invaders and use logical thinking to achieve your goals. In addition, you can also use improvised methods to protect your kingdom. If you can protect your kingdom, you’ll earn points and keep your kingdom safe from the invading enemies.

Kingdom Defense is a tower defense game that is both fun and challenging. It requires players to use their heroes to defend the kingdom from waves of enemies. As the game progresses, you can use magic to weaken waves of enemies and upgrade your towers to make them more powerful. You can also hire knights to help you fight enemies for you, or you can purchase upgrades using the stars you collect on each level.

Author: Donald Young