Keep It Up


Keep It Up Free Fun Game For Kids

In this popular game, players are given plastic cups with different colored items inside. Within a minute, they must sort them into groups and move them to the next person’s cup. The winner is the person with the most items in their cup at the end of the minute. The game can be played with younger or older kids. For older children, there may be additional rules.

First, the child in the middle of the circle gets a balloon behind his or her back. Then the child pretends to be sleeping for the night. After a while, an adult in the circle gives the instrument to a random child. The random child then sneaks up behind the child in the middle, making sounds as he or she does so.

Another version of this game is the balloon stomp. This is a game in which children take turns stomping on balloons. It’s a fun team activity. For younger children, this game can be played in pairs. The larger groups are more difficult.

The basic rules of this game are simple, yet highly amusing. Children will love the balloons, and it is also a fun way to bond with your kids. The children will also have a great time doing it! You can also play this game with a balloon scavenger hunt. For this, you need a balloon and some clues.

Author: Donald Young