Infinity Stones Slots


Infinity Stones Slots Maths Game for Kids

Infinity Stones Slots is a fun and exciting slot game for kids. Its theme is based on the Marvel Studios movies of the same name. The game offers a fast-paced action where players fire tokens at a moving target wheel to win prizes and populate the playfield. The main goal of the game is to knock all of the Infinity Stones off a ledge. Players can trigger Bonus Spins and Super Bonus rounds when they drop at least one stone.

To start playing, players choose the sector where they want to deploy their team. After that, they roll the Infinity Stone and a die. When they are successful, they place the corresponding stone on top of the die. In addition, they place the Infinity Stone counters nearby. The player must then deploy his team on the board by placing their Infinity Stone counter in each sector.

The Infinity Gems were originally known as Soul Gems but later renamed to Infinity Stones. They are believed to represent various aspects of existence and grant different powers to the wielder. They can even turn a person into a god-like being. The Infinity Stones appear in many Marvel comic books and games, and have played a major role in many storylines.

Author: Donald Young