Indiara and the Skull Gold


Indiara and the Skull Gold Interactive Math Game for Kids

This cool adventure game lets kids play as Indiara, an archaeologist who loves to explore ancient sites. This game is a runner, so players will have to run and jump over boxes and gaps to complete the level. They will also have to collect crystals and coins along the way. But before they can complete the level, they must first find the golden treasure.

Indiara loves to explore caves and collect ancient artifacts. To find the gold, she must find 8 gold skulls. In addition to finding the gold, she must also escape from a cave filled with traps. There’s also a huge boulder falling behind her. To play, players can select a level and left-click to jump. Players can hold the button to make their jumps larger. The player can also tap the screen to collect gems. Each level has different objectives, so players must keep an eye out for each obstacle to advance in the level.

Author: Donald Young