Hex Blocks


Hex Blocks Maths Game for Kids

This colorful 2D puzzle game features colorful hexagonal blocks that need to be placed in the correct places to solve a puzzle. It is an enjoyable way to learn about the placement of shapes, and is ideal for kids of all ages. Hexa Block Mania increases the level of difficulty with each level, but is easy enough for young players to play.

This puzzle game requires logic and quick thinking skills to solve the puzzles. Each board has a different number of blocks, so you need to think hard to figure out the best way to fit them. The easier levels have small frames to fill, and the more challenging ones have bigger frames and more shapes.

The puzzle game has different modes that are designed to challenge the player’s brain and are both relaxing and addicting. The different shapes of the blocks are arranged to create rows and columns. Thousands of players worldwide are enjoying this brain teaser. And the best part is, it is free!

Whether you’re looking for a game for kids to play on a tablet or smartphone, Block Hex is a great way to improve your child’s brain memory. The logical thinking and reasoning required in this game will make your child’s brain grow thicker and more efficient.

In the Endless Classic mode, the game has no time limits. In this mode, the player must match at least three hexagons in a row to win the level. If you do so, you’ll unlock the next level. The game has hundreds of levels in this mode. There are also bonus levels called combos, which are earned by destroying multiple lines of hexagons at once.

Author: Donald Young