Giant Rabbit Run


Giant Rabbit Run Free Online Game For Children

Giant Rabbit Run is an endless runner game. In the game, you must navigate a colossal rabbit, collect Easter eggs, and overcome obstacles. You can buy various items to help you along your journey. There are many cool items you can collect to increase your speed and score more points.

The game requires your child to use good hand-eye coordination, alert anticipation skills, a cool temperament, and willingness to try. As the player, you must help the rabbit jump over obstacles, slide under them, and collect stars. It’s challenging and surprisingly fun.

To play Giant Rabbit Run, you’ll need to create a play area that is big enough to accommodate the whole group. Once you have the area, start the game by separating into two groups. One group is the wolves, while the other group consists of the rabbits. The wolves will yell “run, rabbit, run!” to get the rabbits to move. Once a rabbit is tagged, he can use his arms to tag another rabbit.

Author: Donald Young