Giant Hamster Run


Giant Hamster Run Math Game for Kids

In this game, you play as a giant hamster who tries to cross a busy city street. Along the way, you’ll jump over obstacles and collect coins and biscuits. You can use these coins to upgrade your hamster’s abilities. Some upgrades include the ability to ride rockets, skateboards, and even a magic carpet.

The Giant Hamster Run game is a type of arcade game. While it’s not as scary as Godzilla, this game has lots of action packed in. You’ll be jumping, sliding, and swerving to avoid the obstacles and collect cookies. You’ll also be able to collect power ups to make your life longer and purchase skateboards and other accessories.

The game is available for free online and is available in the Skill category. This HTML5 game has been downloaded by over 21396 users and has received an average of 4.4/5 stars. It’s playable on PCs, Android devices, and iOS devices. Moreover, children and parents alike will enjoy playing this game.

Author: Donald Young