Funny Animals


Funny Animals Fun Game For Children

Funny Animals is a cross-platform mobile puzzle game for kids. It is designed to help kids develop their color perception, logic, and memory skills. It also introduces them to the world of animals. Children can play Funny Animals alone or with an adult. Its design is bright and colorful, and it features fun sounds to keep them entertained.

The game is easy to play and allows kids to interact with various animals. They can choose from a variety of animal cards and pretend to be the animal that comes up. They can also use body parts from different animals. The body parts can be hidden or stuck together to form a strange animal.

The game is very similar to Who Am I?, where one child whispers the name of an animal into the ear of another child. The child will then sit by their partner and turn over the cards until they have a match. The child who guesses correctly will become the animal.

Author: Donald Young