Frogtastic is a fun and engaging game for kids that helps them learn about different frogs and their habitats. This game is designed to teach kids about the different types of frogs, their ecology and how they live in the wild. The goal of the game is to help kids understand the importance of conserving these critically endangered animals.

Frogtastic is a 2D side scrolling game where players take control of a frog as they jump through different obstacles to reach their goal. There are over 30 levels in the game, each one teaching kids about a different frog species. As players progress through the levels, they will learn new facts about these amazing creatures.

Frogtastic is a game for kids

Frogtastic is a game for kids that helps them learn about ecology and the environment. In the game, players help a group of frogs return to their home pond while avoiding predators and collecting food. The game is designed to teach kids about the importance of taking care of the environment and respecting wildlife.

Frogtastic is an educational game for kids that teaches them about frog habitat and conservation. The player takes on the role of a baby frog, and must help their parents build a new home before the cold weather sets in. Along the way, they must learn about what frogs need to live happily and healthily in their new home. The game is also designed to be fun and engaging, with colorful graphics and characters that children will love.

Author: Donald Young