Food Count


Food Count Free Fun Game For Children

This endless counting game focuses on teaching children about numbers and counting. Using images of foods, kids must identify the images and select the correct number of the food. The correct answer earns them points. If they get the answer wrong, the game ends. This fun game is available online for free.

This online game requires your child to count the food items in the picture and group them. The more quickly they can complete a round, the more points they will earn. It also requires good observation skills, as some items are hidden behind other food items. In order to succeed, your child must be quick and accurate.

The food items are hidden in a virtual environment. To make the game more interesting, you can move the items onto the notebook and space them out before counting. The game will automatically save the high score when you beat it. You can also move the food items around to see the assigned food item better.

Another fun counting activity is to use snack crackers or dried fruit pieces. Kids love to play with food, so this is a great way to get them to learn about numbers and counting. They will also gain experience with adding and subtracting. The best part is that they will have fun while playing the game.

Author: Donald Young