Flying Bird


Flying Bird Free Online Game For Children

A game based on the famous Flappy Bird has recently re-surfaced as an alternative educational platform for kids. It uses a front-camera to encourage children to be physically active while playing. It helps kids get more exercise as they play and promotes healthy screen time.

The children can also make their own bird feeders. To do this, they can add birdseed to a piece of construction paper, an egg cup, a styrofoam ball, a pom-pom, and feathers. They can also add wiggly eyes to their creations.

Flying Birds Game for Kids is a colorful and educational game for young children. It is available for different screen resolutions and devices and develops children’s cognitive and logical skills. It also helps them improve their memory and concentration. Moreover, it’s available offline, so kids can play it anywhere at any time without disturbing their screens.

Author: Donald Young