Fish World


Fish World Interactive Math Game for Kids

The Fish World game is a great way to teach your child the names of various fish. The game has a simple and intuitive touch interface where the kids can move their finger across the screen to catch fish. There are different levels and hints to help them win. Kids will learn about the exchange process and that winning is not random.

The Fish World game comes with a game board, twelve fish and two magnetic fishing poles. The game encourages kids to learn by boosting their motor skills, as well as improving their problem-solving skills. The game also teaches them about colors and improves their hand-eye coordination.

The game features anthropomorphic fish in the main character and can help children learn about the world around them. Children can practice pointing and clicking to make their sea creatures match up. Fish are also dressed in clothes, including human-like faces, which are fun to watch. The game is great for children of all ages.

In addition to improving motor skills, this game encourages children to develop their imaginations. These types of games help kids develop their problem-solving skills and make them more independent. Preschoolers learn faster by observing and playing a variety of different situations and games. This will also help them develop their own hobbies.

Kids fishing is a game that teaches preschoolers to be attentive. It also develops fine motor skills and trains a child’s memory and reaction skills. It is fun and educational, and allows multiple players to play on one device. It is also free to play, and it is suitable for children as young as two years old.

This is one of the first Facebook games featuring virtual aquariums. Players take control of a fish tank, and the fish will grow over time. As they mature, they will earn coins. Keeping the tank clean and feeding the fish will also be a vital part of the game. In addition to raising fish, players can also make money by selling off unwanted items. Ultimately, they can also sell the grown-up fish to earn more money.

The story revolves around a group of fish called the Fishes. There are several characters in the game. One is Kipper, a large pink fish. He is the owner of a taffy shop. He is voiced by Kymberli Colbourne. Other characters include Officer Beverly, a red-finned yellow fish, and Rollo, a clown fish that sells stuff. They are all voiced by different celebrities.

Author: Donald Young