Fancy Diver


Fancy Diver Kids Math Online Game

The basic premise of What is Fancy Diver game for kids? is that a Fancy Diver is stuck underwater, so he needs to destroy a coral reef to get out. To do so, he must remove three or more identical squares. Once he removes three of the same types, he moves up on the level. In addition, he can collect extra stars on a dice to earn bonus points.

Fancy Diver 3 is a game in which the player is a diver who is committed to exploring the ocean floor. However, he has gone too deep, and is at risk of running out of oxygen. To escape, he must remove blocks by matching three or more of the same type of block. This requires a quick reaction and logical thinking, so players must be careful. In addition, the player can receive boosts by matching the same colors.

Author: Donald Young