Electron Dash


Electron Dash Maths Game for Kids

Electron Dash is a fast-paced running game. Players control a man running in a neon tube and must collect as many hearts as possible. The game features beautiful 3D graphics and is easy to play. The player must avoid obstacles and laser beams while running. It’s also important to jump and avoid falling into holes and unstable tiles.

The game is fun and challenging and encourages kids to develop their engineering skills. The toy is connected to an app that gives them hundreds of puzzles and projects to complete. The app also includes tutorials on coding. It was awarded the Oppenheim Best Toy Award in 2016.

The game combines learning with active play to improve coordination, listening skills, and math skills. The game also encourages kids to use their imaginations and think on their feet. It is a good choice for parents looking for an engaging and educational game for young children. The game requires three AA batteries. The batteries can be changed by an adult.

The Hyper Dash unit keeps track of the gamer’s score and time. A hyper voice announces the winner of the game. The game is intended for kids aged six to eleven, but younger children can play it with supervision. Although the game is a good option for outdoor or indoor play, it should not be used on the beach or in water.

Author: Donald Young