Dream House


Dream House Free Game For Children

This deluxe app for iOS and Android features 9 games for kids. It offers a variety of fun activities for kids to do, including lawn care, cleaning the living room, washing clothes, and putting your child to bed. The app is free and geared towards children. However, parents should keep in mind that there are some annoying aspects of the game.

The game shows a large house, complete with various rooms and a lawn outside. The user is guided through the tasks by a finger pointer. It also allows kids to make their own furniture and decorate the house. There are many ways to customize the house to make it as special as they want.

This game is free for both iOS and Android devices. Parents should be aware of the fact that there are some addictive elements and in-app purchases. Children under 8 years of age should not play this game without an adult. If you are a parent, be sure to block any in-app purchases. However, the game does offer many options for kids, including a mode where kids can draw on the chalkboard wall.

Dream House game for kids is a great way to learn how to decorate a house. It allows players to choose colors, layouts, and landscapes. The game also allows the user to take screenshots of their masterpieces and share them with other players. While playing the game, kids can also choose whether to play in the daytime or nighttime.

Author: Donald Young