Doctor Acorn 3


Doctor Acorn 3 is a physics puzzle game for kids. In the game, players help Doctor Acorn fly through the sky and collect nuts.

The aim of the game is to use various objects to guide Doctor Acorn to the nuts. Players must click on various objects to make them disappear, and then click on Doctor Acorn to make him fly in that direction. If obstacles are hit along the way, players can reset the level by clicking on the green button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Doctor Acorn 3 is a fun and challenging game that helps children learn about physics and problem-solving skills.

Doctor Acorn 3 is a physics-based puzzle platformer game in which you play as the titular Doctor Acorn, a kindly old squirrel who must navigate his way through dangerous levels filled with traps and enemies in order to retrieve his kidnapped patients. The gameplay is challenging but fair, and the vibrant, hand-drawn graphics are simply beautiful.

Doctor Acorn 3 is a physics puzzle game

Doctor Acorn 3 is an excellent game for kids and adults alike, and it’s sure to provide hours of entertainment. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Doctor Acorn 3 is a physics puzzle game for kids in which you must help the titular doctor navigate his way through a series of levels by using objects to guide him around. You’ll need to use your creative thinking skills and problem-solving abilities to figure out how to get the adorable doctor to the exit in each level. This game is perfect for helping kids develop their critical thinking skills.

Author: Donald Young