Dirt Bike Fractions


Dirt Bike Fractions Interactive Game for Kids

This multi-player game combines tug-of-war and math. Each team competes to pull the other squad across a marker. The team with the highest rate of correct answers wins. Players can have up to eight players. Children can work together to reach the end of the game.

Children can play this game online with other kids all over the world. The fun of playing against others encourages the students to think more about fractions and their relationship to decimals. Students can challenge each other to see who can solve fractions faster than them. This multiplayer game also allows them to practice their skills on fractions with different numerators and denominations.

This interactive learning game for kids is designed for 3rd graders. It introduces math skills, such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Kids can track their progress and receive weekly reports. In addition, the game is fun for children of any age and can increase their self-esteem.

Author: Donald Young