Decimal Chart Patterns


Decimal Chart Patterns Free Online Game For Kids

A Decimal Chart Patterns game for kids is a fun way to introduce your child to decimal and place value. This game allows your child to create their own patterns and learn about place value while having fun. They can use the ‘Design’ feature on the iPad to create a puzzle and then tap the squares to reveal the number on the square. Then they can click on Solve to enter the answer.

You can also play a version of this game wherein each student is given a group of large cards numbered 0-9. A second student can write a number in the thousandth place in secret and give students instructions to put the numbers in their proper places. If your students are able to get their numbers in the correct places, they will get points for the correct answers.

This game teaches students about decimal numbers. Decimal numbers are numbers with a dot in the middle, separating the main part from the fractional part. The digits after the decimal point are considered fractions. Students are taught to recognize and use decimal numbers after they’ve already learned to recognize the difference between fractions and whole numbers.

Another game that helps kids understand fractions is Fraction Dance. This game involves cutting pictures of food from magazines that are in fractions and gluing them on a paper plate. Then the kids are required to remain standing while folding fractions. This is a fun way to engage in pretend play while learning the concept of fractions.

Decimal Chart Patterns game is a fun way to teach math concepts to young children. You can print a free printable version of this game from the link below. For extra practice, you can also use base 10 blocks. These blocks are useful for enhancing students’ understanding of decimal charts.

Author: Donald Young