Cut for Cat


Cut for Cat Math Game for Kids

If you’ve never heard of Cut for Cat, it’s an online puzzle game for kids that combines cats and puzzles. It requires players to cut a rope to feed a kitten candy, which will swing in the space like a pendulum. The goal is to guess the best time to cut the rope. Once you’ve guessed the correct time to cut the rope, the candy will fall into the kitten’s paws.

The game is simple enough to play and involves two pages of cat images printed on construction paper. Children will cut along the dashed lines to reveal each hidden feature. The game can be played alone or with a family. If you don’t have a printer at home, you can print the game on regular paper and glue it to construction paper. Then, you can play it anywhere!

Cut for Cat is an excellent puzzle game for kids. The game has 30 levels. Players must cut ropes, pop bubbles, and guide candy to the cat’s star. If the cat doesn’t get three stars, it will stay inside its shell, preventing it from opening its mouth.

Author: Donald Young