Crazy Balls


Crazy Balls Free Maths Game for Kids

This three-player game involves two players throwing a ball, and a third person in the middle trying to catch it. After the ball is thrown, the middle player trades places with the person who threw it. This game is a great activity to play on a field day.

This game is a unique activity for kids. It is a fun way to improve their creative skills, and their imaginations. Various colours are used in this fun activity. In fact, it is one of the most unique games for kids. Kids will be able to design their own balls, and it will help them improve their artistic skills.

Crazy Balls is an outdoor PE game that keeps kids interested and moving. It also helps improve kicking and throwing skills. The game starts with a team that has four players on offense. Each player should be able to kick and throw the tossables quickly. The game continues until all four tossables are returned to the container.

In this game, players form a circle or semi-circle around the player throwing the ball. They must try to catch the ball before it falls to the ground. Each player can take up to four steps before the ball falls to the ground. If they catch the ball before it hits the ground, they become the winner.

Author: Donald Young