Color Move 2


Color Move 2 Free Maths Game for Kids

If you are trying to figure out how to teach your child colors, this is a great way to get them started. It’s a simple scavenger hunt activity that can help your child learn colors on the fly. Start by drawing boxes on a piece of paper and have them find the colors inside. Once they find each color, you can review the colors with them.

To play Color Move, you will need a computer or mobile device with built-in Flash support and a cleanFlash Installer. If you do not have the cleanFlash Installer, you can download the free standalone Flash Player. Another option is to download Waterfox, a web browser based on Mozilla Firefox, which includes built-in Flash support.

This colorful sorting game teaches young children to identify colors and can be used to teach sight words, classification, and counting skills. It also promotes fine motor skills. Young children are ready to learn and have fun. They learn best by doing things. In this colorful game, you can use pom poms, clothes pins, and other items to help your child learn colors.

When teaching colors to children, it’s important to start with the primary hues and gradually introduce colors until they’re familiar with all the colors of the rainbow. As children get familiar with different colors and the names of different hues, they’ll be able to identify and name them all in no time.

Once you have created a color guessing game, you can show your students the video and ask them to guess the color of an object. If your students answer correctly, they get points. The game is a fun way to learn colors and review them in English. And it’s a great way to reinforce what you’ve learned in class.

Author: Donald Young