Color Maze


Color Maze Kids Math Online Game

Color Maze is a game that requires the player to find the right path. It has multiple portals, and in order to complete each level, players must carefully consider which path to choose. It’s a mind-boggling puzzle game that helps kids develop critical thinking skills. There are simple commands that can help a child succeed in the game, such as “straight ahead.”

This fun puzzle game has 80 challenging levels to beat. It requires players to guide a paint-covered ball around a circuit while avoiding different colors. The game has no download requirements and can be played in browsers for free. The colorful mazes are sure to keep kids entertained for hours.

The color matching puzzle maze memory game requires the player to match the colors on the walls. Each player is given 100 moves to complete the game. The goal is to match as many colored blocks as possible. The longer the player plays, the higher their score. As the game progresses, the player should try to beat their previous high score. The game can be played on mobile web, PC, iPhone, and Android devices.

Author: Donald Young