Car Park Puzzle


Car Park Puzzle Online Game For Kids

Car Park Puzzle is a free online puzzle game where players must try to move all the cars in the parking lot out without bumping into other cars. There are 20 levels to the game. The higher the level, the more cars you have to move out of the parking lot without bumping into the other cars.

The game has a variety of fun features for kids to enjoy. It challenges the logic skills, critical thinking, and timing precision. It’s great to play on the go, too! The game offers a variety of rewards for completing the levels, such as unlocking cars, collecting rent, and earning money.

The game includes a tutorial for beginners, which teaches the player how to move cars around the parking lot. The goal is to drag the car in the direction your finger points. The car will then move forward or backward. It also stores progress locally, which means that you can replay levels you have already unlocked.

The game can be played on a tablet, iPhone, or PC. It has multiple levels and beautiful 3D environments. What’s more, it is free. There is also an option to play in a casual mode, which is a fun way to play a game for kids.

Author: Donald Young