Candy Challenge Junior


Candy Challenge Junior Game For Kids

Candy Challenge Junior is an engaging game that allows children to test their balance and facial control. It has several interesting features such as bouncy balls that float in the air, and students have to stack up pennies within a minute. In addition, this game can be played while blindfolded.

Other games include Broasted Chicken, which requires kids to use the mouse to move their bucket. It is a quick game, but may get boring after a few rounds for older students. Another game that has an idle tap feature is Monster Rush. The player must time their jumps and collect coins to upgrade their character.

The game features three minigames. In the first one, Victor and Valentino Smash the Pinata, players must pound the pinata using the various pieces. They are initially given three pieces at a time, but as they finish the first few, more are added. Another game called Fruit Tiles is a 12-stage logic puzzle that requires players to match fruits that occupy the edges of the puzzle pieces. During the game, players can rotate pieces to make them match, but they must be careful not to drop them.

Candy Challenge Junior is another fun game that kids can enjoy. It is similar to Candy Challenge, but is more complex. Parents and children can play it together as it combines fun and learning. You can challenge yourself and your children with the various levels of difficulty. In addition to challenging yourself, it can teach kids how to use their reasoning and use numbers.

Author: Donald Young