Brixx Interactive Game for Kids

Aside from being fun, Brixx is also a great way for kids to develop spatial thinking skills. The colorful figures are arranged in three locations and can be rotated by double clicking. The pieces are made of thick plastic so they should last for a long time. The game comes with instructions and 22 pieces.

The basic mode involves matching blocks of the same color or symbol to win. The more complicated mode involves lining up blocks with different symbols. The goal is to make a wall of blocks that are the same shape or color. If a player has four of the same shape or color, then that player has won.

Brix is similar to Connect 4, with a similar goal of getting four pieces in a row. However, the blocks in Brix stack up on top of one another. This is a good game for both kids and adults, as it is easy to learn and play with anyone. It also has enough strategy to keep adults interested.

Author: Donald Young