Brain Workout One Product


Brain Workout One Product Interactive Math Game for Kids

This brain-training game for kids, EpicMem-Brain Training, was created by a neuroscientist and is designed for kids of all ages. It is free and available for iOS devices. The game is fun to play and promotes improved concentration, memory, and reaction and logic. It offers 14 different games and 420 levels. It also allows you to keep track of your progress using statistics.

The Lumosity app is another one of the best brain games available for both iOS and Android devices. It focuses on memory, decision-making, and attention to detail. The game has over 60 different tasks that are designed by top neuroscientists. These activities help the player’s Brain Performance Index, which is a measure of their cognitive functioning. Lumosity is a great choice for children of all ages, although it is not aimed at kids younger than 13.

The MindUp game for kids is designed to improve attention, memory, and concentration skills. It also exposes children to new problems and new ways of thinking. It also helps kids develop their visual attention, divided attention, focus, imagination, and creativity. MentalUP is especially relevant for primary school students.

Author: Donald Young