Block Turns


Block Turns Maths Game for Kids

The Block Turns game is a fun, challenging game for children that encourages teamwork and cooperation among children. Kids are able to build towers by combining different blocks. This activity helps children understand the concept of balance as their towers will eventually topple. The game can also encourage children to use other materials to create towers, including colanders, wooden skewers, pipe cleaners, and craft pom poms.

This simple game can get rowdy, so a teacher should be prepared to clear the table for children who are lingering too long. However, this game can be a great way to break the routine and provide a brain break for students during a math lesson. It can be played by a whole class or in small groups of three to four students.

When it comes to playing the Block Turns game for kids, it’s important to consider your child’s developmental stage. This developmental stage begins at about 12 to 15 months of age. This is when children begin developing motor skills, such as the ability to fit objects into holes. For this reason, children should be able to put square and round pegs into their corresponding holes.

Block Turns is a great way for children to develop critical thinking skills and improve their attention span and concentration. They also learn about weight, balance, and spatial awareness, and are able to develop collaborative storytelling skills. For these reasons, it’s important to encourage your child to be creative and to explore their own ideas and thoughts. Even if they don’t succeed the first time, they should keep trying until they reach their goal.

Author: Donald Young