Belle and Cody Part 2


Belle and Cody Part 2 Free Online Game For Kids

If you’re looking for a fun, educational game for your kids, check out this one! It’s a fun game of logic and deduction, and has a colorful visual style with beautifully drawn maps. It’s recommended for kids ages nine and up.

The main plot revolves around Cody and Bailey, two children who fall in love. The two kids are on an island, and their mission is to get back home. In the end, the kids get back to shore and everyone cheers! This game is fun for kids because the characters are incredibly realistic.

The first episode of the game has a lot of cute moments. Bailey and Cody play laser tag together. At one point, they get into a fight over whose name goes first. Bailey is jealous of Willa and tries to imitate her in order to impress Cody. They end up being reunited, and Cody hugs Bailey.

In the second episode of the game, Bailey is the only one who likes Cody. Bailey likes his bad boy side. But when Bailey finds out that Cody is being potty-trained, she decides to help him. They get a cute video of themselves. But when Zack catches them after curfew, they get in trouble. While Bailey is upset, Cody is annoyed by Bailey’s laughter. Bailey decides to help Cody out and she kisses him on the cheek.

Author: Donald Young