Animalines Game For Kids

There are many different kinds of games for kids, and one of the most popular is Animalines. This type of game lets children practice connecting pairs of animals in different locations. Animalines features many different animals, and the field is divided into cells. Some animals are already standing in their cells, and others are empty. To fill up an empty cell, the player must connect animals that are paired together.

This game is a popular brain-teaser for both adults and kids. In Animalines, the user must connect a pair of animals by dragging one animal to another of the same kind. The user must make sure to use all of the blocks on the play field, or the pair won’t be connected. Each animal has one move, and there are 75 different levels in the game.

To play the game, a child must connect two or more animals, one by one, using all hexagons. To play more difficult levels, a child must go back and try again until he or she finds a level that matches their skill level. Eventually, they will reach a level that’s both challenging and fun.

Author: Donald Young