Alarmy Interactive Game for Kids

If you want to wake up your kids in the morning, you can’t ignore the chirping of an alarm clock. This physics-based puzzle game will help you do that! You’ll have to help Alarmy wake up his fuzzy friends by finding the right way to get through the 24 challenging levels. The more advanced levels will require you to complete puzzles with different components.

This game pits good guys against bad guys on a micro-scale board. The good guys work to capture the bad guys try to steal the money. It’s a challenging game that will get the kids involved! Whether you want to make them think they’re robbers or a policeman who needs to catch the robbers, you’ll want to make sure they’re caught!

In order to make your own alarm, you need a battery and buzzer. You’ll also need to decide what materials you want to use to make it. You can use cardboard as the base, as it can flex to mimic a spring and act as a switch. The switch is a mechanical device that can start and stop electricity by opening and closing circuit gaps.

If you have a little toddler, you can also use a color-coded clock to help him wake up. These clocks can be set to serve as an alarm or a signal for your child to leave the room. Make sure to choose a good color-coding system, though, so you won’t wake up a child who’s asleep. Also, make sure the alarm isn’t too loud or jarring.

Author: Donald Young