Alarmy 3 Desert


Alarmy 3 Desert Maths Game for Kids

When playing Alarmy, kids need to remember that they have to be quick and accurate. The game is not very difficult but requires some trial and error. They should also be able to anticipate the movements of Alarmy so that they can get the best score possible. They also need to be patient. There are three different types of stars: speed, accuracy, and completion. You can earn the highest speed rating by completing a level in the fastest time possible.

The game features charming cartoon characters living in an alien world. You have to roll Alarmy toward the pink monster aliens without harming them. You can do this by destroying blocks and collecting coffee cups, or you can use different elements to fly. The game also allows players to share their scores with their friends. What’s more, you can play Alarmy & Monster Family in fourteen different languages.

Author: Donald Young