Addition Math Game for Kids

If you’re looking for a fun way to introduce addition to your kids, try a game like “Race to the Moon” or “Salamander Combine It!” These games involve using dice to add or subtract numbers. The game is usually fast-paced and requires players to think quickly and accurately. It teaches kids how to add and subtract up to ten.

Another great addition game for children is “Keep Up the Chain”. Kids must count the number spoken by the first child, then add that number to the number spoken by the second child. This continues until the kids have the correct sum. This simple game teaches kids how to add and subtract numbers without much frustration!

Many children need to learn addition in order to excel in school and in life. These games can help them improve their math skills and make studying fun. The addition games on SplashLearn help kids group objects, form number bonds, and understand fact families. All of these skills will benefit your child’s academic performance.

Marble Math Addition is another great option for children who want to learn basic math while having fun. This educational game is divided into five levels and offers a bonus activity for kids to complete after each level. Children can advance to the next level by achieving an 80 percent score. The game includes audio to help children understand the game’s rules.

Despite the fun factor, children can still benefit from the practice and reinforcement that a game can provide. The best games for kids present the same concepts in new and creative ways. This reinforces concepts and teaches kids to see numbers and equations differently. Those games can also teach kids how to use different manipulatives. For example, some games allow kids to measure liquids in digital beakers while baking, or measure the length and width of objects digitally. These free, interactive games allow kids to cement the math skills that they already know.

Author: Donald Young